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I work with nature. I create installations indoors and environmental art straight into nature; in forests, parks and trees, at cliffs and so on.

I respect nature. In forest I can hang small, glittering in sunlight and almost unnoticeable glasspearls on branches of a fallen tree. On the other hand I rearrange nature’s own materials in a new way in their own “territory”.

I bring nature’s materials gathered from forest indoors. I use them to create larger installations or smaller objects. For example I placed pinecones eaten by squirrel as pieces on the old boardgame. Spruceneedles or cones on the floor can be formed into a big mandala. Even withered and faded leaves can have a new life in a work of art – at least for a moment. My works are not meant to last forever.

Nature gives us life and energy, opportunities to meditative silent prayer or unbelievable experiences of beauty. If we destroy nature, we will destroy ourselves.

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