Mitä jää jäljelle - What remains - Vad är det som blir kvar

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Nature is the baseline of my art. Nature is the prerequisite of all life and the basis of our concept of beauty. Nature offers me soothing atmospheres; it is an endless source of inspiration and provides an ample supply of materials.

In my works, I use leaves, twigs, cones, seeds etc. I use what remains after nature has used the elements needed for the regeneration, and when the wind has assisted by removing elements no longer needed, such as dry branches.

I aim to interfere in the cycles of nature as little as possible. Decomposing leaves just wait to be swept away, away from sight – particularly in cities. Through my art, I wish to make them more visible.

The interaction with these materials can turn into an incredible adventure. For its partnership and role as the core of my art, I am in eternal debt to both living nature as a source of beauty, tranquillity and joy and to “deceased” nature, to the elements no longer in use there.

I wish that nature – born before us – will remain.

Marja Hakala

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